About Us

Shells, pearls, and gemstones are so expressive, and therefore they are special.
Our accessories are hand-crafted with care as one-of-a kind items, bringing the best in their charms.

We present our hand-made accessories to you who enjoy adult-chic style and advocate ethical fashion.

Ethical fashion and an organic way of living – Ocean Dear explores a style in harmony with the values of times.

Although our design gives a bold statement of materials at first glance, trends are adopted in each and every detail.

Our accessories are authenticity-oriented with a feature that is the fusion of primitiveness and modernity.

We meet you in pop-up stores and galleries face-to-face so we can recommend our items most becoming on you.

We can also help you choose everyday-use accessories or give you layering and stacking tips for you. We hope you will come across fun to dress yourself up when visiting us.

Accessories made of natural materials are comfortable to wear.
They will bring about a gentle sensation that you are part of life on Earth.

Ethical fashion and an organic lifestyle – Ocean Dear seeks for a fashion style resonating with the values of times.

We keep on making our unique accessories filled with playful mind whilst continued dialogues with our customers.

[Relating to people’s emotion through natural materials and gemstones – every single experience inspires us]

A sea of turquoise blue.
Pearls and corals sleeping deep in the seabed.
Amazing shapes of spiral shells created by nature.
Silk and cotton found in the city of Lapis Lazuli.
Colorful folk costumes are the source of our inspiration.
We bump into ores, ammonites, and amber grown into fossils over remote period of times.
Mystical antiques.
Wood and nuts manifest an abundance of power from Earth.

In an oriental city, where beads, glass, crystals and gemstones are in trade, our imagination take flight to ancient times.
What people exchange is their energy by buying and selling.
Our journey goes beyond time and space from the past to the present.
Our creation is born out of such invaluable encounters.
This is the world of Ocean Dear.